We are a family of four living on the outskirts of Dallas, TX in a small town better know for antiques than anything else. Two beautiful girls (16 and 13), my lovely wife, and myself, husband and dad. We attend Lakepoint Church and are a christian family. Everyone in our house is full of life and we march to our own drum beat(we all have a “signature” dance move). The family loves doing stuff together like hunting, getting our nails done (includeing me), going to the swimming pools, growing vegetables in our backyard garden, watching movies in our movie room, canning, brewing, having fun with technology, playing music, drawing, and much more. Our pets are an important part of our family, with one dog and one cat keeping us grounded. We look forward to sharing our lives with you and I hope you like reading our blog. email me to join the blog – Jeremy@mosley.us.com